Sunday, June 7, 2009

Purple Chcolate Jesus

So this is my 1st post: "I had to review this Chocolate bar just because of its name" First off I really couldn't find much info on this. I was at a organic grocery store in Los Angeles called Erewhon Natural Foods for the first time. I was over in their refrigerated section just checking things out to get a feel for the place, and I come across this magical glowing chocolate bar in a gold wrapper called Purple Chocolate Jesus with just a simple looking mom & pop printed label slapped on the front, which only had a small little bio of what their about, and the ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao, Hemp, Purplemaize, Vanilla Beans, Cats Claw, Maca Root, Acon, Blood Oranges, Pau D'Arco, Camu Camu, Tangerine, Cococreme.

I was pretty amazed and extremely satisfied with this. This was not exactly like your typical solid hard Chocolate bar. It was actually a very thick, sturdy size bar. The texture was slightly gritty and soft, with a very Herby taste (which in my opinion; was the reason why it tasted so good, it brought out a really intense and different flavor in the Cacao which was pared perfectly with its natural sweeteners and Herbs. It actually tasted purple and the colour was brown like any other chocolate... pretty crazy) This isn't just a chocolate that is supposed to just taste good, then make you feel guilty for eating it. This is actually really healthy, It makes you feel pretty High and gives you a light boost of energy (because its a RAW Chocolate with a lot of living nutrients and it's really high in antioxidants)

I normally keep the wrappers to look up websites or info that are listed on the packaging, but like I said; this really had nothing to it. It was like finding a Mogwai (Gremlin) in a small Cantonese antique store. The little info I did find on this when searching the Internet, a site listed that this chocolate bar was $20 bucks. I actually couldn't believe that it cost that much money, I thought I only paid $8 tops, but I was wrong. I went back to get some of the other bars that this brand makes, so I can review them as well... It turned out; at the store they cost $18. Now this is actually common for a RAW food product, a lot of healthy raw snacks and foods can be pretty pricey, but its all up to you if you are willing to pay this kind of money for a snack (you should actually take some time and eat in small portions anyways... I wasn't joking! it gets you pretty high)

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  1. Worth it because of the taste? Or was it worth it because you got to bite Jesus' head off?